PERSONAL: Foundation Day

Happy Foundation Day.

October 3rd isn’t just any ol’ foundational type day like August 11 or December 19.

Read and learn:

“This day marks the traditional founding of Korea by Tan-gun in 2333 B.C. According to legend, the god-king, ‘Tan-gun’ founded the Choson Kingdom in 2333 B.C. This day fills citizens with nationalistic pride over the 4,000+ year history of Korea. ” Incidentally, tangun is also the Korean word for carrot.

This day also marks the verified founding of Jeff & Charissa in 2000 A.D. According to fact, the non-god-king, “Jeff” asked “Charissa” to be his girlfriend. After a positive answer, they watched “Life is Beautiful.” Roberto Benigni co-wrote and directed this 1997 comedy/tragedy that, as far as I can remember, mentions neither South Korea nor carrots.

It’s been a wild ride, full of unexpected tragedies, comedies, and carrots. Buddha is right, life is suffering. Benigni is also right, life is beautiful.

Charissa won’t let me carry the movied “Life is Beautiful.” “It’s too heavy,” she says. I hurt my neck recently, so I don’t have any choice but to pack light.



  1. It’s nice to see that you are blogging now. I have enjoyed your group emails for years and look forward to more of the same entertaining, clever and informative writing.

  2. I just recently watched Life is Beautiful (maybe a month ago). I thought it was a great movie!What a picture of the love God has for us. I can’t remember why I first thought that, but I did, and I cried thinking of how much God loves me. So it must have been a pretty deep thought. Or perhaps I’m just a sap… no that can’t be it.

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