STUFF: Chick Dream, 365 and More…

It takes us roughly 365 days to circle the sun. This means that if someone had given Charissa and I a high-five while levitating just off the Earth’s surface on the day we landed in Korea, and if said person had been able to survive for one full year right there in that very place while we had our various adventures, we would be able to give that amazing person two more high-fives today!

Yes, you got it. We’ve been in Korea for one solar year. To celebrate, we will be waiting at the post office for all of your gifts to arrive.

I mentioned that we’ve had some “various adventures.” One of them involved a children’s clothing store. No one was arrested. We stopped to look at the roadside pajama rack to see if we could find anything of interest for friends back home (no, we are not needing any baby clothes in this home).

We found a really cute (yes, I, Jeff Boyd, said really cute) little sporty outfit for someone about 1/4 my size. A big Donald Duck logo is on the front of the tank-top and the shorts. The back of the tank-top has a bunch of Donald Duck faces. Maybe you’ve seen those posters/stickers that have facial expressions labeled with different emotions. Well, the back of the tank-top has 13 different wild duck faces with 13 different descriptions. These include: LSD, Ecstacy, Cocaine, Meth, and Heroin. Does it get any cuter than that!

Charissa had a dream the other night. She was in a crowd of people, and she noticed they were having a lot of fun. Then she saw that they had really cute little yellow fluffy chicks in their mouths. They didn’t eat them; they just held them in their mouths for fun. Sometimes the li’l chicks would poke their heads out of the people’s mouths and say “Cheep, cheep!”

She thought it looked fun, so she put a little chick in her mouth too. Then everyone around her started dropping dead from the bird-flu and she just knew she would get it because she felt its little feet scratching the inside of her mouth. She was sure she was a goner.

The next day we read that Romania and North Korea have cases of bird flu.

With a deflated tone of voice, “I’m thinking of becoming a vegetarian. Sigh.”

It’s been a wild year. The one ahead doesn’t look like it will be any calmer. So keep the faith and keep the peace in the year that is to be.

We’re thinking about taking a vacation in the U.S. If we do, we’ll try to pack light.

With love. -Us


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