NEWS: Charissa Graduated!

Clayton College of Natural Health has awarded Charissa a Certificate of Natural Wellness, Highest Honors.

She worked for approximately two years on the certificate while working two jobs in Berrien Springs and while living in a foreign country. It took a lot of dedication to stay focused on the classes when there were so many other distractions (like me) pressing for her attention.

Her favorite class was Healthy Lifestyles where she studied “all the different aspects of health besides eating and exercise.” She says she’s learned that health is more of a process than a specific goal.

Maybe learning to pack light is also a process. Maybe we have to keep taking out the old tools and gear and replacing them with newer, more useful tools for our new environments. Maybe it’s a process of learning to live light. To always let go of one, while taking hold of the other.

Maybe I need to stop being philosophical about packing light and get on to the business of CELEBRATING!



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