HOLIDAY: International Buy Nothing Day

All props to Ellen for today’s must-read post, “Blog-a-luia.” Read on…

I’ve found my faith, and I’m going to church this holiday weekend. The Church of Stop Shopping, that is. To celebrate the start of the christmas season I’m counting my blessings, checking them twice, and I’m going to stop shopping and start living. November 25th is International Buy Nothing Day, why not participate? It requires so little of you. Thank you Reverand Billy, bring-on the changelujah.

And yes, I would go anywhere to see a cash register exorcism.

Ellen, peace to you. It’s easier to pack light when you buy nothing.



  1. jeff. i don’t know you, but it’s really great that you liked my post so much you reposted it. i’ve never had that happen before, i’ll mark it as a blogging milestone. keep it light.

  2. And what a grand milestone it is. Angela says this about me: “You are a man.” I was hoping she’d come up with something more, um, different to describe me.

  3. Context: We were sitting at work. I was trying to introduce myself to Ellen. I decided to write whatever you said to answer this question: “Angela, who am I?” You said, and I quote, “You are a man.” Then you went right back to your pressing tasks. Even though I was hoping for something more specific or personal, I had to stick with my plan.

  4. OK. Here’s my description from—————-When I’m not climbing, I probably go hiking more than anything else. I like nature. I like nature pictures. I like the God who made nature. I like being friends with animals. I like the wind, the trees, the rivers, the rocks, the birds. I like healthy food, organic food. I’m starting to learn yoga to deal with my back/neck problems. I’m becoming a vegetarian. I may be asking Skinsk for a veggie tour of Korea soon. I think I’m becoming a hippie freak. It was never supposed to turn out this way. But I spend too much time looking for gear/clothing deals online. It goes against everything that I think is important. You may read in my Biography Section that I’m inconsistent. I’m against mass production/mass consumption/mass destruction of the environment… until I can get cheap gear from REI or The North Face. Biography:———————-I was not born and raised in Seoul or west Philadelphia. I did not live in a town big enough to have it’s own post office until I went to college. I have an MBA, but I disagree with much of the corporate world and the governments that they support. I am hypocritical. I am inconsistent. I’m learning to be honest. I love my wife. I’m learning to be nicer to her. You’d like her. She’s cool. But she thinks I spend too much time on this website. “You don’t even climb very much,” she tells me honestly. “But I’m going to when I heal,” I tell her sincerely. You, the reader, are spending too much time reading this. Go climb something.

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