MLA 2: New Year’s Eve

“I’ve been to the bottom, and it is solid.”

Every year on the longest night of the year, the church where my sister has found community has a rendezvous called The Longest Night. People get together to share their hard crap from the previous year–death, loss, pain, divorce. It sounds real. One person shared that intro quote. The bottom is solid.

We’re visiting my sister now.

Last weekend we drove to town to watch The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. I drove. I hadn’t been behind the wheel for over a year. We watched the movie. I had already read the book. This was the first time in my 30 years of life that I had read a book before seeing the movie. I don’t read stories. And for the first time, I could say, “Yeah, the movie was good, but the book was better.” I am now cliche.

We had a family reunion with Charissa’s family. That was really nice.

Charissa is overwhelmed. Robert Jensen counted 19 types of prepackaged salads at Hyvee. We are not used to this. It reminds me of Moscow on the Hudson. You know, collapsing in the shopping center aisle when trying choose between 300 brands of coffee.

My nephews are here. Goodbye.



  1. i’m back at work. and, of course, back to blogging occassionally. maybe i’ll update you and charissa about work through my blog. we’ll see if that happens tonight. if not, i’ll write an e-mail or something.we miss you in the office. esther cried…not because she missed you though.

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