EVENT: Teachers’ Retreat

Here’s a picture from teachers’ retreat.

Last weekend the 250 or so teachers from across Korea assembled to exchanged a virus or bacterium. I don’t think that was the main point, but it’s estimated that 100 teachers were vomiting and/or diarrheaing. Count me in.

Ellen lent me her guitar to ease my intestinal pain.

Thanks, Travis, for the pic.

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3 comments on “EVENT: Teachers’ Retreat
  1. Angela says:

    that really is a fabulous picture.

  2. kayla says:

    oh! i miss you two and love you lots! i am sorry that you got sick, Jeff, although i hear that the plague passed over the ladies somehow….hmmm….maybe they have Super Powers!!

  3. Travis says:

    that song was soooo funny. If only I had recorded it. We could have made millions!! Millions I tell ya!! Millions!!

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