NEWS: Weapons of Mass Destruction Trailers

So it turns out that a pentagon team viewed the supposed biological weapons trailers as “‘almost certainly intended’ for manufacturing hydrogen for weather balloons.” They reported this 2 days before the CIA announced the opposite.

Here’s a good line: “There was no connection to anything biological,” said one expert who studied the trailers.

Yes, I do understand that there were debates on the conclusions, but the fact that it has been kept secret further demonstrates this administration’s selective perception and selective disclosures.


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2 comments on “NEWS: Weapons of Mass Destruction Trailers
  1. bryant says:

    Bush doesn’t pray for divine guidence, he prays that decisions he makes on his own are right. –Sen. Joe Biden on Bill Maher

  2. Cerise says:

    “But I am the decider. And I decide what is best.” –Bush

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