TRAGEDY: Bachelor-hood

Here is irrefutable proof that I’m a bachelor again:
1. For a dirty clothes hamper, I bought a Rubbermaid storage bin.
2. I drink directly from bottles.
3. I skip shaving for weeks at a time.
4. I spend hours cralling through grass and mud to take pictures of a fox family. Single moms have it hard.
5. I don’t brush my teeth after drinking G.T.’s Kombucha.
6. I bought a copy of Men’s Health.
7. I fall asleep alone.

Today I saw X-3 with Crystal. It is fiction. It isn’t real. I liked it anyway.

I am torn this weekend:
1. Teva Mountain Games in Vail. (
2. Aurora Asian Film Festival. (

I might see a film on Friday and go to Vail on Sunday. Decisions.

Where is my wife? I need my wife. Has anyone seen my wife?

My next post will probably be an extremely sad story about a young woman who died recently in the Pacific Northwest. “Saving up questions for heaven.” A good man no longer has his good lady.

The doctor’s are helping. I’m improving. Healing takes time.

So many people have been taking care of me. I’m now in the 4th place/home since I returned to the U.S. Thankfully, I’ll be able to stay here for two months while I figure out what I’m doing. They have phone service, Internet service, and Dish Network. I’ll probably watch a few playoff games, but otherwise I’ll be stalking the fox family. They are SO cute (pictures will be coming when I have something viewable).

I can’t believe how this has all worked out. Community is good. Generosity is too. I will be more generous. Thank you, Mom & Dad, for the car. Thank you, Dad & Lisa, for helping me out so much. Thank you, Crystal, for giving me a place. Thank you Jaramio’s for working out 2 lodges for me.

I severely miss my wife. If you see her, tell her to come home soon, I mean now.


One comment

  1. I will tell her today. Angela and Charissa are coming to Wonju today!! Man I wish you were here. I hear that Charissa misses you too. Just thought you would like to know (i’m sure she tells you). I understand bachelor-hood, I’m there. The only plus is that I have a kick-ass chip-san-nim that does my laundry every day, makes my bed, and cooks twice a week!! She even irons my underwear!!!Awesome!!!I started an intense yoga class yesterday in hopes to increase my balance and strengthen my core muscles (and mostly just make me feel like I’m doing something healthy).There is also a really sweet skate park here in Wonju I can ride my bike on!! I’ll send you some photos soon!!!Peace out man. Your woman will be home soon.

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