NEWS: Exercise & Get Out More

CNN reports the many benefits of exercise: improved sleep, reduced urge to smoke, brain boost, better sex. You can read about it all here: Exercise: Key to good sex, good sleep.

Also, CNN presented the findings of a study that more people are turning to TVs, video games, and the Internet (yes, you and me right now) instead of getting out to local and national parks. Here are some highlights:

“We may be seeing evidence of a fundamental shift away from people’s appreciation of nature to ‘videophilia’ which we here define as the new human tendency to focus on sedentary activities involving electronic media,” the researchers said.

Nature Conservancy President Steve McCormick said the study suggests Americans and their children in particular are losing their connection to the natural world.

“When children choose TVs over trees, they lose touch with the physical world outside and the fundamental connection of those places to our daily lives,” McCormick said.

(Study: Americans pick e-parks over real parks)

And for a good nature story read this (it goes with the picture): Jack the Cat Chases Black Bear Up Tree


One comment

  1. how sad is that, that people choose tv over trees? i’m glad we live in the country. we can go out in the evening and watch the fireflies in the cornfields, or take a short drive to our trail to walk the dog. he loves that. if i lived in the city, i might forget to go outside.

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