LIE: Ironing is not Enlightenment

Target is full of crap. Here’s what the packaging on the ironing board that we bought recently said:

“there’s something rather magical about ironing. you take your rumpled-up life. spritz a little water on it. run an iron over it. and presto. everything’s new again. the wrinkles of yesterday have vanished right before your very eyes. and there you are. looking fresh. feeling sharp. ready to take on the world.”

I guess the Pentagon does a lot of ironing.


One comment

  1. i know that’s why i love ironing. ^^* i think if one irons long enough, there is definite possiblity of enlightenment. it’s like stopping to watch a burning bush. or walking miles and miles in the snow barefoot. or lying on a bed of needles. or…

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