NATURE: Rocky Mtn. National Park

Today we listened to the 3rd sermon in a series on Exodus by Rob Bell as we drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park. Send me an address, and I’ll mail you a copy of the sermon. Good stuff. After God rescues me from Egypt, do I turn around and become the oppressor? Am I a part of an oppressive regime now? How can I live to set people free? Who makes my shirts? What are their work conditions? Who might I be oppressing?

It was snowing in the mountains. We hadn’t brought gloves or very warm jackets.

I went against the doctor’s orders and bouldered a bit.

Charissa headed back to the car, and I climbed some rocks for a self-portrait and a landscape.

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5 comments on “NATURE: Rocky Mtn. National Park
  1. Thank you for not posting that stupid picture of me by the lake.

  2. Now I really want to see that picture.

  3. Angela says:

    me too. but i LOVE the one of you (charissa) walking in the snow. you are so cute.the snow pictures are awesome. i haven’t listened to number 3 yet. tonight. i think if i post my talkies, travis should have to post too. just a thought.

  4. kayla says:

    wow! what a snowy adventure! while you two were having a snowy time, i was having a rainy time with Amy and Tim. and their “children!”

  5. Angela says:

    and now i used one of the pictures as my background at work. it’s blurry but worth it. if someone finds anything more beautiful than golden trees in the middle of snow, i wish they’d let me know.

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