PERSON: Bryant is the Man

Two good articles at Wanderlust–“I Miss Clinton” and “Mississippi Wild.”



  1. i loved clinton! gran and i fight over this issue … she likes bush (!) and i tell her that most deluded over 100s think the same and that its time for more pills 😉 and then she calls clinton an adulterer who tried to cowboy his way through mogadishuah times @ my house are interestin’ indeed!JEFF! read The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bryson … its his new autobiographical one and its good! funny!

  2. I first read about that dead zones sometime last year. Recently, my in-laws were told by a doctor that eating organic food is not more beneficial than “regular” food.I protested by writing a quick, unscientific five-or-so page letter describing why I believe organic is the far superior option. Dead zones in the Gulf from synthetic fertilizer run-off was one of my pieces of evidence.Go organic. Go wyld.

  3. Thanks for the endorsement Jeff. I’ll try to write something about Walden this weekend. As for your ecology post, wow, 15 comments. I’ll read through them and see if I have an opinion. I usually have an opinion.

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