NATURE: Sightings

Last night I fed a fox at our house. I opened the back door to take a picture of a tree lit up at night, and it was just down the little slope from me. I grabbed the bag of cheap dog food by our door and filled the little bowl I keep on the back step. The fox ran away but then circled back around. It cocked its head from one side to the other as it slowly approached. I tossed dog food chunks toward it until it was up on our cement back porch. It didn’t stay long, but we had a little moment. I should buy better food.

This afternoon Charissa was feeling better, so we went up to RMNP so she could see the elk rut. They bugled nicely for her. There was some running, a little antler clashing, some surreptitious maneuvering, but I have to report to the Red Cross crew that there was no elk mating.

On the way home we saw a fox along the road. And then when we pulled into our driveway, we almost hit one. Foxes are coolio.

The main stand of aspen that I photographed last week was completely naked today. Once they’re yellow, they strip down pretty fast.



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