I just got back from an interview at the local university. I will begin teaching Advanced Listening & Speaking at 9:30 tomorrow morning, though the term actually started a couple days ago. I am told there will be students from Spain, France, Saudi Arabia and other countries.

It happened rather suddenly.

I am looking forward to this adventure, but I feel unprepared. Thankfully, a couple grad students have developed lesson plans for the first few weeks, and they have agreed to let me piggy-back until I can get my feet under me.



  1. Now that you have two jobs, I don’t feel so much pressure. And I also don’t think it’s very fair. I just got off the phone with someone about a copywriting job. She said she doesn’t think I’m qualified for the job. I hate to argue with people. So I didn’t.

  2. that’s awesome Jeff!!!!!!!!!Yahoooooooooooooooo!!!TICOM–bummer. So. . . are you qualified for copywriting? I once had a friend lie to a bike shop to get a job. He said he had five years of shop experience and then the shop closed so they couldn’t check the reference. He became manager. I’m not suggesting anything. Just babbling as usual.

  3. i am bored. yeah for your new job, jefferoo! i hope it’s fabulous.charissa, that woman does not know what she’s talking about. there must be some reason for this madness. i love you.i have got to catch up with lost so that i can see the polar bears again. it’s about time they brought them back. i am so bored.

  4. Congrats! Please don’t say too much about Lost, I’m still in the last few episodes of season 2, and season 3 won’t air here for months still!

  5. except that you can’t watch online if you’re in a country other than the U.S.! it bites.we just finished season two earlier this week. i had to buy the first two episodes of season 3 off of itunes. i have a student working on more covert and free operations for the rest of season 3 until i’m stateside again.

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