PERSONAL: Edge of the Desert?

Since returning from Korea, Charissa has been reading the story of the Israelites traveling through the wilderness en route to Canaan. This week she got to the part where they’re on the bank of the Jordan, ready to cross over into the Promised Land.

Also, this week Charissa got a job. She’ll be an early childhood paraprofessional. “I’m happy about it,” she says. “I’m done living in the desert. That’s for sure,” she also says.

And as you already know, I got a second job this week as well. The first day went adequately well. Twelve students. They’re mostly from Saudi Arabia, but we also have a lady from France, a lady from Spain, a lady from another European country (she didn’t come that day), and a gentleman from Guatemala. I was pretty nervous since I was completely unprepared, but it’s a good adventure. The other teachers in the program are being extremely supportive.

Recently, we’ve watched Nooma and Duma. Nooma #13: Rich. Rob Bell uses his passion and gifts for God. Duma is about a boy and a cheetah. The cheetah’s name is Duma. I want a pet. I can’t have a pet.

Today I gave a presentation on Situational Leadership to the Red Cross workers of northern Colorado. It was well stocked with posters from I enjoy teaching. I might get to have some mini-classes in Excel for the crew. That’s cool.



  1. cool stuff, yo…and WOOT! Charissa got a job 🙂 that’s FABULOLUS! my favorite paraprofessional job EVER was in an Early Childhood classroom….sweet!

  2. you cant have a pet??? why oh why?glad the job went well… my new moto in life is ‘no matter how much i believe it, nobody will actually ever bite me’

  3. We live in someone else’s house, so pets don’t work so well. Also, Charissa is allergic to felines and canines, and we don’t have a real backyard to keep them in (it’s just a golf course).I can’t decide if I have to have a bobcat or a cheetah first.We could have a fish in a bowl. We could.

  4. you live on a GOLF COURSE? you people get cooler and cooler! golf courses are my favourite places. i write my best stuff on them. i should really learn how to play golf… great business skillhmmm… cheetahs… prefer leopards to tell you the truth. they have pretty much the same attitudes to life, but leopards are beautiful! and leopard cubs?!?!? cuddle them forever i’m telling you

  5. Excuse me! What about Cole? wasn’t he the most beautiful cheetah you ever saw?Alhtough, now that youmention cubs… the one day I went to my mom’s bosses place, and it’s inside the Lion and Rhino park,. and they had 6 2-week old tiger cubs, and some lion cubs (and a really annoying baby zebra) and I got to play with them!the tigers were so little they’d suck on your finger and you could lead them anywhere…And I didn’t take my camera 😦

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