NATURE: Echo Lake & Mt. Evans

After Inyoung left, I picked Charissa up at the airport, and we headed to the hills. We stopped in Idaho Springs, and then headed for Mt. Evans. En route, we saw the two houses where my grandpa spent his childhood.
Here are some pics of Echo Lake and the adjoining trail which leads to the ridges below Mt. Evans. It was so gorgeous.
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7 comments on “NATURE: Echo Lake & Mt. Evans
  1. kayla says:

    wow! gorgeous! i wish i could have gone on that trip with you two!

  2. Helen says:

    that’s stunning! I love the way you managed to capture the hugeness of it all… nicely done!

  3. Sarah says:

    JEFF!that’s so booooooo-tiful!wow

  4. Thank goodness your office lets you borrow their digital camera.

  5. p.s. what happened to your picture, sarah?

  6. Angela says:

    hello. i sure do love this scenery. did you know that i fly into denver on january 7? leave from denver, fly into denver. who knew? you have been forwarned. only 50-something days! i must get a counter on myspace. tomorrow, though. time to sleep for me!tahdo!

  7. Jeff says:

    Come on over, Angela. And everyone else! Our house is open. I’d love to take you all on a tour of the Rockies. Peace.

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