POLITICS: Military Build-up

Bush: More troops needed for ‘long struggle’ (CNN.com, 20 December 06)
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — The White House is considering an expansion of the U.S. Army and Marines for “the long struggle against radicals and extremists,” President Bush said during a Wednesday news conference.

“I’m not predicting any particular theater, but I am predicting that it’s going to take a while for the ideology of liberty to finally triumph over the ideology of hate,” he said.

The president has asked new Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who visited military commanders in Iraq on Wednesday, to report back on how to expand the military.

At least this sounds more positive: Bush ‘Offered to Sign End to Korean War With Kim Jong-il’ .

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5 comments on “POLITICS: Military Build-up
  1. bryant says:

    “If you break it, you’ve bought it”–Colin Powell

  2. sarah says:

    funny how that was the same day they increased troops in vietnam…. 😉

  3. Jeff says:

    Sarah, tell me more about Vietnam.

  4. Sarah says:

    what do you want to know? 😉 dont all americans know much more about Nam than us outsiders? (look at me! spewing stereotypes!)i’ve read a LOT of comparison articles about Nam and Iraq … in fact, there was a whole issue of Foreign Affairs journal dedicated to the topic. they all make the point that american policy makers are seemingly slow on the uptake of that fact that wars are a HELL of a lot harder to get out of than in to. amd whats up with the whole war against a theme? war against communism, war against terrorism etc etc how do you beat a theme? you dont! especially one that is not so much concrete as it is to do with philosophy and egocentrism surrounding power struggles and insecurity

  5. Travis says:

    I’m just glad that I’m too old for the draft and that I’m the last man in my family carrying my family name. I hope that I’m safe. War is bad.

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