HOLIDAYS: Adventure

Three of us got snowed in at the Red Cross while supporting the six shelters across our chapter. Notice the car in our parking lot snow drift.

It was my first real media experience. I was interviewed by the Denver Post, the Fort Collins Coloradoan, the Greeley Tribune, and the Loveland Reporter-Herald. I was on the radio twice and on Fox TV news in Denver as a call-in guest. Fox News called me when the 2nd time storm rolled into town, but I was in Michigan so I gave them contact info for another interviewee.

Then my parents came to town. That was nice. We watched Joyeux Noel, a bunch of Noomas, Dosage III, and Warren Miller’s Higher Ground. We also toured RMNP

and went snowshoeing.

Then we went to Michigan to see family. Luggage was lost, games were played, My Name is Earl was viewed, more Noomas were watched, an engagement was agreed upon, and… Mars Hill was visited (but Rob Bell wasn’t there).



  1. Wow!!! I miss real snow. Korean snow sucks. Like NC snow. But. . . snow is snow and I’ll stop complaining because anytime on a snowboard is good.Mars Hill!!! Rock On!!NO ROB BELL!!!Bummer. . . . 😦

  2. Where did you get the NOOMAS? Are they online? I’ve thought about driving up to GR to visit Mars Hill sometime this semester–was it awesome, although Bell wasn’t there? I hope you guys are well–I wish I could see you!

  3. Kathryn, do I know you? Do you usually go by a shorter name? Did you live on the Korean peninsula?Visiting Mars Hill was good for me. It’s good to reimagine what church can be like. It grew to something like 4,000 people in its first year, and not because of hype or marketing or a prosperity gospel. Rob spent that first year preaching through the book of Leviticus.The church was so simple. You have to want to find this place. There aren’t any huge signs or markers. Just an old mall. Music was a piano and a single song leader. Lyrics on the 4 screens were white letters on black backgrounds. Maybe it’s not always like that, but that’s my experience.Yeah, it was good. I wanted to share Rob with the family, but oh well.Noomas. You can click on the link in the post to go to the nooma site ( or you can find them at Christian Bood Distributors (, come on over for a visit. 🙂 Then you can meet Angela also.

  4. I’m impressed you were able to GET to Sprague Lake…one of my family’s perennial favorite picnic spots!Good for you, being on the news and all…not sure how I missed you since I watched a lot of news through the storm (except for Fox News…I distinctly do not like Fox News. But that’s no reflection on you). :)Good to see your parents…they were always some of my favorite Campion teachers.Peace,Dana W.

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