An Inconvenient Truth

For Social Consciousness Movie Night this month, we watched An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s environmental eye-opener that just won Oscars for best documentary and “Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song”.

Now I think Professor Gore needs to make a follow-up that clearly lays out a plan for reducing our carbon footprint. We need a serious, practical education on sustainable living. Or maybe I should make it. That was for humor.



  1. I thought it was very interestin how ‘american centred’ it all was. I mean “x thousand people died in india.. Moving on HURRICANE KATRINA for 15 minutes…” Not that it wasn’t a horrific event. But the fact that he had the currents moving the wrong way aorund Africa really interested me.

  2. Currents moving backward? Wow, you are perceptive!About the American centered part… yeah, I think he had to since he was trying to start change at home. And as you probably know, Americans are amazingly self-absorbed. “What? You mean our baseball playoffs aren’t the WORLD Series?”

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