Colorado Road Trip

“If you don’t like something about your life, change it.” -Oscar Wilde Can Keep His Quotes

“These colors don’t run… the world.” -Rob Bell

We left the house on Sabbath afternoon for a jaunt in the woods, and before we made it back home Sunday night, we’d driven around 400 miles, listened to 3 sermons, watched 5 movies, and taken tons of pictures.

Travis, Angela and Korine, you should know that the same travel light rules applied. We only tossed some bottles of water, a CD case and my hemp daypack into the car. We missed you, but it was good to be alone.

Moose were our objective. We hoped to find the large and illusive creatures between Gould and Walden. When we go to Walden it was pretty late and the muddy road out to one observatory was more adventure than we were looking for, so we decided to head to Steamboat for some excitement.

We parked and walked around town until we found a place to eat–Beau Jo’s Pizza. On the way back to the car, Charissa convinced me to find out the rates of a small motel. $55. We stayed. That gave us time to watch Animal Planet before crashing for the night. It was a special on Prairie Dogs. We like them.

Instead of turning on the TV again Sunday morning, we took time for prayer, journaling, and talking–about our future–after the complimentary breakfast. It was good (the journaling and sharing). Important. Really.
Then we drove out of town to look for a hike. We didn’t have the right change for the self-pay fee, so we looked at the map and decided to take Highway 131 down to Wolcott and on to Vail, stopping frequently at first to take pictures. Eventually, we gave up on capturing everything and just took mental snapshots.

Sunday was the last day of the Vail Film Festival. We walked around and waiting for the afternoon showings. This dog was whimpering, so we sat down on the bench it was tied to. It immediately sat on my feet and leaned up against me. The three of us had a good time bonding, but then it was time for the show. We watched The Pipe Dream and four shorts, all for free. Ask Charissa about the shorts sometime.
Then it was time to head home.
The sermon series we listened to was Rob Bell’s “Calling All Peacemakers.” Ask me, and I’ll email them to you.


  1. yeah good to see you guys! You didn’t mention “ROAM”!!!Also, I applaude your bravery to talk and share your thoughts, fears and hopes about the future. You guys are a great couple. Keep up the good work.

  2. oh, how i love you two adventuresome boyds 🙂 i am praying for you and i am glad you had an enjoyable weekend soaking in the good things in life 🙂

  3. I love the new avatar, Travis. Is it indicative of changes?Yesterday I found our old apartment behind the institute on Google Earth. Awesome.Roam, yes, I actually haven’t written about the Banff Mtn Film Festival at all. I should do that.I think I like film festivals. I think I like road trips. I think I like not having a job. I think I like to eat. I think I’ll have to get a job.

  4. yeah, the avatar. Well. . .I really want a mohawk.or at least a fauxhawk. or a small mohawk with just short sides and long in the middle.i don’t know. but I want one.

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