Traveling Mercies

What a week.

Christine and Heather had left The Tattered Cover and Charissa had stepped away for a bit when Ms. Lamott, Ms. Anne Lamott, walked by. I thanked her for a fine evening (mumbled something less poetic, actually). She thanked me for my thanks and exited stage left. We had the pleasure of listening to her read from her new book, Grace (Eventually), and share anecdotes about Sam* and forgiveness.

Thank you Christine for letting us know that Anne would be in town. Even though Charissa was sick and couldn’t see because she had to sit on the floor, we had a grand time. Anne is funny.

Then last night I skipped The Office to listen to a presentation at REI on traveling light. The gentleman had recently returned from a month-long trek through Mexico, Belise and Guatemala with only a carry-on bag and a man-purse. Nice pictures. He shared an informative website with us–One Bag.

I was reminded that I don’t want to be a tourist. I want to live with the people.

This morning we watched Babel. It’s a movie. You may have heard of it. You may have watched it. I have. Most of it.
*Sam is doing great, planning to become a firefighter rather than a Rabbi.


  1. i just finished reading traveling mercies. good book.its awesome that you got to meet anne lamott. her dreds have inspired me to get a mohawk.

  2. oh my goodness, travis with a mohawk! yikes. i’m glad you got to see anne lamott. that would be awesome. ben said he heard an interview with her and she said she doesn’t hate bush anymore…or she’s not mad at him. i’m glad to hear that. she’s a good example for us. you’ve called me twice this week! tomorrow…after the chocolate party i will try to find you. i love you two!

  3. wow, you made me super curious for that? ha. i thought you were going to post a fifteen-minute conversation that would incite jealousy and loathing. thank goodness you didn’t. ;)and it was great to see you anyway. have a great week at the library. you should read “a people’s history of the u.s.” by howard zinn if you’re going to be there a while. i’m not all the way thru yet, but it’s awesome.

  4. Yes, Angela, she talked about her ordeal with the President. She prayed about it and prayed about it, and eventually the intensity subsided from her dark emotions. Clearly, she is still a Democrat who disagrees deeply with his policies, but the hatred seems to have mostly subsided. “Overcome evil with good.”Loopy, thanks for the suggestion. I checked out Zinn’s thick book last week. Yes, it is thick. And the first chapter has drawn me in. It’s thick for me.

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