Tsotsi and the Tick go to Managua

Last night we watched Tsotsi, a redemption movie set in a poor township in South Africa, and then I pulled a tick off my arm. Both were hard to watch. The tick must have found me while we hiked in RMNP on Sabbath afternoon. I say I love nature, but I HATE ticks and they are as natural as the sunset.

Pictures taken in RMNP this weekend:

1. Northern view from Trail Ridge Road. That jet barely cleared the mountains.
2. Southern view from Deer Mountain Trail. Long’s Peak is the highest point on the left.
3. Mountain Bluebird perched and singing.
4. Quaking Aspen (below).

Also, Sunday morning I finished reading Meet Me in Managua, by Wendy Murray Zoba. I felt the flow was stalled by unnecessary commentary and trivia, but I did appreciate the final section that highlighted numerous people affected by Rainbow Network, an NGO working to help rebuild Nicaragua one small community at a time. This world needs more Keith Jaspers. I need to be more like Keith. You can read it to see what I mean.


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