Bobby & the Bobcat

We watched Bobby last night. Even though it felt like a made-for-TV movie sometimes, I really appreciated it. Go ahead, watch it. I don’t think it’s possible to have more stars crammed into one movie! Here’s a worthwhile review (Not Elsewhere).

This morning I headed up the Twin Sisters trail. I couldn’t resist. But I never made it above tree-line because I got tired of being nervous about cats. Some of you know I have an odd phobia of mountain lions. These were probably just bobcats or lynx, but there were lots of them, and the tracks were roughly as fresh as the boot prints on the trail left by a couple hikers ahead of me. I finally gave in to my irrational fears and headed home.

I took these two pictures of the tracks on my way up. They were nearly melted into nothingness by the time I got back to this spot.

What a beautiful day!


One comment

  1. That’s awesome news about the job!! And I understand, I did a little walk yesterday evening near my campsite and was worried about getting caught in the dark even though the trail was clearly marked.I haven’t done any mtn. biking but I plan to tomorrow. If the weather is good. It has been cold and rainy for the past two days. But I spent some time at the Nelson Lakes. Sooooo beautiful. I will send pics soon. I miss you guys but I’m having the time of my life (even though I almost froze to death last night). Very cold in the van for some reason.OK. Cheers! See you soon.

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