Simple Church

I appreciated Simple Church. If you are a church leader in any capacity, then I recommend this one for you. Simplify. Cut the fat. Focus until you have a clear progression of opportunities that foster spiritual growth (discipleship). Be a designer rather than a programmer. Design systems for growth; don’t plan endless programs that take energy and have little impact on discipleship.

The pastors and I are now reading through it together one chapter a week.



  1. The stats were not nearly as compelling as the ideas. Example: 30% of vibrant churches do X, but only 15% of non-vibrant churches do X. Since twice as many vibrant churches as non-vibrant churches do X, everyone should do X. But that means that means 70% of vibrant churches don’t do X and are still strong. So the stats weren’t my thing, but the clarity, focus, movement, etc. made a lot of sense to me.

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