Top of Rocky Mtn National Park

I couldn’t sleep Thursday night, so I got up and finished reading Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard, the man behind Patagonia. While geared toward business owners and managers, this is also fine reading for environmentalists and consumers. I really appreciate Patagonia’s efforts to do as little damage to the planet as possible while making durable and functional clothing and gear.

Then I got up, pulled on my Patagonia hiking pants, and got ready to meet Jason. We left basecamp (home) at 1:30am; we left the Long’s Peak trailhead at 3:00am. So much for sleep.

We only needed head-lamps until we got above timberline. Then the moon lit our way. Incredible.

Sunrise on the Diamond was gorgeous.

Here’s the Boulder Field en route to the Key Hole.

The view from the Key Hole and the Ledges is worthy.

The top of the Trough and the Narrows give a sense of exposure but are really quite safe.

After the Home Stretch, we made it to the summit (elevation 14,259 feet / 4,346 meters).

Like clockwork the afternoon storms rolled in (seen here from the Keyhole), but we made it down safe and dry.

NOTE: None of these pictures has been altered in any way (though they could use some cropping and finishing). I’m frustrated that some of my favorite shots from this trip won’t upload, but I do like these also. It was an awesome way to end our high country adventures for this season.


  1. I thought you guys moved to MI?! where are you?also, have you seen the movie “The Future of Food”? It is shocking! I think you guys would be interested. Check it out.Also, just finished “The Poisonwood Bible”. Brilliant. Must read. Thought-provoking. Moving.

  2. Travis, you’re looking at some good media. I’ll have to check them out.I wish I were still in Colorado, Cerise, so I could be your guide. There are 54 14-ers to choose from out there. I couldn’t come close to doing a marathon, but after a few warm-up hikes I topped out on Longs. Just choose a hill that matches your technical ability. Have fun!!!

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