Definition of Success

We’ve spent the past week sorting boxes of our earthly possessions. It seems that packing light is not my natural tendency (maybe I have a brain lesion). Our most numerous box label is now books. While I do appreciate this emphasis, I think we could still cut back further. Are you coming to our garage sale this weekend? Great, see you there. Thanks, Dana, for this link to 100 Reasons to Get Rid of It.

Also, this week I finished reading God is My Success–Transforming Adversity into Your Destiny. Charissa felt the sections she read were cheesy, but I thought it was a great deconstruction of pain, financial slavery, lack of confidence, busyness and fear.

Even though it’s aimed at business professionals, I recommend God is My Success for anyone going through a difficult experience. Julian’s use of personal stories rather than mere theology was very meaningful for me. Having a tough time? This might be for you.


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