Buy Nothing Day — Part 2

Buy Nothing Day is getting a Jesus jolt.” So starts this article.

Morgan Spurlock, the man behind Super Size Me and 30 Days, is back in the news. He has recently produced a controversial documentary–What Would Jesus Buy?–that looks at numerous issues relating to consumerism and the holidays by preaching the word according to Reverend Billy (Bill Talen).

A review of “What Would Jesus Buy?” in “Christianity Today” questioned whether Talen’s act, poking fun at both religion and consumerism, went too far.

“Yes, it’s condescending. Yes, it cheapens Christianity,” the magazine said, before concluding: “But the whole argument of the film is that our commodity culture has already cheapened Christianity.” (AP,, 23 Nov ’07)

I have not seen this film, but I will the first chance I get! You can learn more at Democracy Now or the official movie site.

BONUS: Two movies that are tangentially relevant since they address consumerism and debt are In Debt We Trust and Maxed Out.


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