Reading in 2008

Looking for something to read in ’08 (religious and otherwise)? Want to share what you read in ’07? These might be for you:

Spectrum Magazine–Favorite Books of 2007

Spectrum Magazine–Book Reviews

This is my list:

In 2007 I especially appreciated (and now recommend to you) the following:
1. Let My People Go Surfing (Yvon Chouinard)
2. This Beautiful Mess (Rick McKinley)
3. Faith Works (Jim Wallis)
4. Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger (Ron Sider)
5. The Speed of Trust (Stephen M.R. Covey)
6. Walking with the Poor (Bryant Myers)
7. The 8th Habbit (Stephen R. Covey)
8. God is My Success (Larry Julian)
9. Leadership and Self Deception (Arbinger Institute)
10. Lead Like Jesus (Ken Blanchard)
11. The Equipping Church (Sue Mallory)
12. Simple Church (Rainer & Geiger)
13. Sex God (Rob Bell)

Currently Reading:
14. The End of Poverty (Jeffrey Sachs)
15. Seeking Peace (Johann Christoph Arnold)

Wish List for 2008 and beyond:
1. Culture Jam (Kalle Lasn)
2. Design Anarchy (Kalle Lasn)
3. Natural Capitalism (Hawkins & Lovins)
4. Beyond Growth (Herman Daly)
5. The Externally Focused Church (Rusaw & Swanson)
6. Churches That Make a Difference (Sider, Olson & Unruh)
7. The Church of Irresistible Influence (Lewis & Wilkins)
8. For the Beauty of the Earth (Steven Bouma-Prediger)
9. Serve God, Save the Planet (Matthew Sleeth)
10. The Drama of Scripture (Bartholomew & Goheen)
11. Less Than Two Dollars a Day (Kent Van Til)
12. Compassion, Justice and the Christian Life (Robert Lupton)
13. Red Letters (Tom Davis)
14. Practical Justice (Kevin Blue)
15. Swimming Against the Current (Chris Blake)
16. Disruptive Religion (Christian Smith)
17. Consuming Faith (Tom Beaudoin)
18. Jesus The Jewish Theologian (Brad Young)
19. Read the Bible for a Change (Ray Lubeck)
20. Bird by Bird (Anne Lamott)



  1. “It’s not about the bike”-Lance Armstrong”Every Second counts”-Lance Armstrong”Sex God”-Rob Bell”The Whale Rider”-Witi Ihimaera “Into the Wild”-Jon Krakauer “Deliver Us From Evil”-Don Basham “Walk On: The Spiritual Journey Of U2”-Steve Stockman “The Poisonwood Bible”-Barbara Kingsolver

  2. It’s not about the bike was great. I couldn’t put it down. Every Second Counts was also good but not as good at the first one.To Read List:”The EFI Club”-David Houghton (about riding bikes from Cairo to Cape Town!)”A short History of Nearly Everything”-Bill Bryson”Millions of Women are dying to meet you”-Sean Thomas”Buy, Buy Baby” Susan Gregory Thomas”Scar Tissue”-Anthony Keidis”Llamas & Empanadas”-Eleanor Meechan”To Own a Dragon”-Donald Millar”Stumbling Toward Faith”-Renee Altson”The Laws of Simplicity”-John Maeda”Long Way Around”-Ewan McGregor”Into Thin Air”- John KrakauerFinish:”Bird by Bird”-Anne LamottRead half of it twice and loved it. Just haven’t finsihed it! (thanks for this gem Angela)

  3. I`m reading Beyond Growth at the moment…hope you have got around to it. It’s a great book so far, also, Limits of Growth is a great way to consolidate the economics with some earth sciences.Natural capitalism took me an age but it’s a series of facinating examples. Easy to dip in and out of.Finally, if you like Natural Capitalism and Beyond Growth then Cradle to Cradle is a good way ro round off the environmental economics reading.

  4. Calvin, great info. Thanks for the heads up. And your sites are brilliant. I hope readers will jump from your profile to your prolific writings.Peace, Jeff

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