To our Friends in Korea

We still think of you, look at pictures of you, and re-tell stories of our times together. We may not write often, but we do remember you often. Over the past month, we’ve seen both Angela and Dina, and our stories have prompted me to say hello again. When are you going to come visit?

Here are a couple pictures from our visits:

(Left) We saw Angela in Nebraska when we were in the area for my sister’s wedding.

(Right) Dina came up to see us recently, and we made an impromptu drive to Canada for Snowfest 2008 in Sarnia. It was freezing.

(Below) When we got home, the ladies modeled their new threads. Good deals all around. Charissa found her shirt in a thrift shop.



  1. nice pics! hope there is snow there when I get there. I’m making a shrek too!! or just a big oger. ogre?sp? NZ got me so mixed up. they spell center as centre and tire as tyre!! oh I give up.

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