Sports Movies

Tonight Bob pressed play and Glory Road appeared before our very eyes. What a great film. It relates the unexpected success of the Texas Western basketball team in 1966. They became the first NCAA Division 1 team to play with an all black starting line-up.

This was the third sports/coaching/racial film we’ve watched together in the past few months. We’ve also watched these based-on-a-true-story sports thrillers…

Coach Carter. In this film the focus is as much on academic performance and discipline as on winning games. It’s well worth your time. Finally, we’ve also seen…

Remember the Titans. A Virginia high school struggles with racist attitudes when the new football coach brings black players on board.

I found all three entertaining and thought provoking. These powerful presentations are made all the stronger by the fact that they represent the fears, struggles, and courage of real people in real life. For me, truth is more powerful than fiction.



  1. You’re right! I’ve been spending this time off to read and write. I’ve actually been contributing more to Adventist Environmental Advocacy than to either of my blogs. Goodness. Plus I’ve added a few pages to A Better World.

  2. I love those movies, but I worry that there are just too many of them these days. After a while it feels like beating to odds is just the natural order of things, because it’s been done before so many times!

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