Shane Claiborne

Our most recent adventure was driving to Detroit to see Shane Claiborne. It was great to finally meet him. Shane is a prophet for our materialistic, militaristic, plastic society. He preaches simplicity, community and social action, all in the name of Jesus, the leader of our counter-culture that is growing like a mustard seed in the margins of the empire.

This is how he signed my copy of Jesus for President, “Enough donkeys and elephants… Long live the Lamb!”

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3 comments on “Shane Claiborne
  1. CëRïSë says:

    Happy birthday! (‘Got the news on Angela’s blog.) This makes you the fourth person I know with this birthday.

  2. Jeff says:

    Wow, popular day! Thanks for the b-day wish. Hope all is well with you.Peace, Jeff

  3. Travis says:

    U lucky Dogs.Just wait till I get there. I’ll sign your books! Happy BDAY!!!

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