Top 5 Influences

The following five people have influenced me greatly over the past three years (alpha by first name). If you aren’t familiar with their work and teachings, I hope you’ll check them out.

Runners-up: Gary Haugen (Good News about Injustice, International Justice Mission) & Matthew Sleeth (Serve God, Save the Planet, A Rocha).

Addition 5 for a Life List:

  • Chris BlakeSearching for a God to Love, Rhetoric and Persuasion class, Adventist Review articles, personal conversations.
  • Ellen G. WhiteThe Desire of Ages, Steps to Christ, Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing.
  • Keith MillerA Hunger for Healing (studied for 2 ½ years in a 12-step group).
  • Philip YanceyThe Bible Jesus Read, What’s So Amazing about Grace, The Jesus I Never Knew, Finding God in Unexpected Places, Soul Survivor.
  • Viktor FranklMan’s Search for Meaning, Psychotherapy and Existentialism.
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5 comments on “Top 5 Influences
  1. Angela says:

    Happy birthday, Jeff. I wrote a little post about you. Wanna hear about it? Here goes….

  2. Angela says:

    um…-.,-I guess the link doesn’t work. I don’t know how to link within comments. I guess you can just check my blog.

  3. Jeff says:

    Thanks for the birthday post! It means a lot. I’m so self-absorbed that I don’t even know when my friends’ birthdays are. You set a good example. :)We saw Shane Claiborne in Detroit last night. You would have loved it. Peace, Jeff

  4. Travis says:

    I seem to notice that there is a huge hole in your influence list. I think his first name is: TravisLast name: Hermancome on……

  5. Jeff says:

    Oh, my dear Travis “The Influencer” Herman. Don’t you realize? It was you who introduced me to Velvet Elvis and thus Mars Hill, Noomas, Sex God, Everything is Spiritual, The Gods Aren’t Angry, Narrative Theology and all those grand teachings at the Shed. To say nothing of the Wild Stallions, Ben Harper and G Love.'re such a kidder.Peace, Jeff

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