Another Film Festival

Last week I watched What Would Jesus Buy? with some friends. Grand fun; grand message. Reverand Billy is even more over-the-top than I expected. Fearful of the shopocalypse? This message is for you. We are people not “sheeple” blindly following the marketing shepherds.

This past weekend we watched two films for Social Consciousness Movie NightA Crude Awakening and The Power of Community. As I’ve been learning more about Peak Oil, I have actually come to the conclusion that it will impact markets and cause serious inflation well before global warming will be able to raise sea-levels to obnoxious levels.

More info: Carectomy, AutoBlog Green, Life after the Oil Crash, ASPO International, Fuel-efficient Cars, Walk Score, How to Live Without a Car.

Let me say again that our chemical footprints are as serious as our carbon footprints.



  1. I think someone should make a documentary about the pet trade. Any ideas? I am completely terrible as I’m not involved in any societies or anything, because I figured working behind the scenes making a difference to individuals was enough. Now I know that it isn’t and that we MUST do something! Sorry to be off-topic, but I’ve been very much affected by the past month or so!

  2. A documentary about the pet trade? Does anyone out there know of one?The closest I know of is Earthlings (, but only one section is actually about the pet industry.Has this ordeal at the zoo brought this topic to the foreground for you? To all readers: Check out Helen’s blog to read about her situation at the zoo. I’m glad to hear that death rates are coming down. (And post the top 10 reasons that you like your friends.)

  3. yay! thanks! the whole zoo thing, although I’m not really too much involved anymore, has really made me think. And to find out the number of animals in the pet trade at the moment is absolutely ridiculous! millions every year get shipped off overseas to sit in little cages (if they even make it there). I just don’t understand why people would do it!I’ve always been passionate about my studies, so its a bit weird to be passionate about something else for a change!

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