|Before and After

LEFT (Death). This x-ray was taken in the ER in September of 2005.

RIGHT (Life). This one was taken in March of 2008.

Thanks to The Team–Dr. Koschene, Dr. Whalen, Dr. Jackson, Dr. Tusken, Dr. Ulrich, the Korean healthcare providers, and all of the supporting cast–for a little curve, a little hope.

God bless you every one!


  1. Yes, I figure that if whitener is good for teeth, I might as well try ingesting it. And just look at the difference–whiter, bluer, a whole new me!No, I’m afraid not CO. I’m moving to Berrien Springs on Sunday. Charissa will come when I find a place for us to cohabit. It looks like we could be there for a year or two. It’s hard to say for sure.Prayer is good, yo!Peace, Jeff

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