|Jim & Casper Go to Church

Over the weekend I read Jim and Casper Go to Church, a book about first impressions.

Jim, a church consultant of sorts, hires Casper, an atheist, to visit churches with him and to tell him what he experiences as a complete outsider. Because they visit multiple churches each weekend, little time is available for getting a deep analysis. However, it is an insightful look at church with fresh eyes.

So you’re thinking about taking a friend from work to your church. How might things appear to him or her? And is this really how Jesus would do church?

Be sure to read from the Forward to the Q&A at the end. Good stuff. Amazon.com comments cover the pros and cons of this project.



  1. Yeah, I really appreciated it. I liked it as much for the teachings on respectful, open conversation as for the actual content about “church.” Hope you find something meaningful in it too if you come across it.

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