|2 Years, 2 Books

This weekend I finished two books; one I started over 2 years ago.

First, I finished The Bible Jesus Read by Philip Yancey. A friend gave me this one a couple years ago (Thanks, Brian). Even though I appreciated it, I got bogged down mid-way through and didn’t get back to it until this past month.

While I should have know it wasn’t Yancey’s style, I still expected a more academic look at the Original Testament. However, with a mental adjustment, I did grow to value this devotional or spiritual look at the ancient books. The section on the prophets was by far my favorite. Here’s a quote (wrested from context and build up):

“Formerly, I had turned to the prophets for clues into the future, the Later and Much Later. Will the world end in a nuclear holocaust? Does global warming herald the last days? Rather, their message should primarily be affecting me Now. Do I trust in a loving, powerful God even in our chaotic century? Do I cling to God’s vision of peace and justice even when the Church is often identified with war and oppression? Do I believe that God reigns, though this world shows little evidence of it?” (p. 187).

Then on Sunday night I finished reading Essential Church? Reclaiming a Generation of Dropouts for my work. When your boss gives you a book, you need to read it.

It’s full of good information on young adult ministry, though I’m not sure all of their conclusions flow from their actual data. And that’s all right. They have extensive pastoral and consulting experience, so their anecdotal evidence does hold some value.

It’s an interesting follow-up to Simple Church.


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