|More Ready – McLaren

Dedicated to Travis, regardless of whether or not he takes the job in Seattle.

From the intro to More Ready Than You Realize (Brian McLaren, p 14-15):

Consider for a moment if it is not evangelism, but rather late-twentieth-century styles of evangelism that deserve our disdain and avoidance.

Good evangelists… are people who engage others in good conversation about important and profound topics such as faith, values, hope, meaning, purpose, goodness, beauty, truth, life after death, life before death, and God. They do this, not because they like to be experts and impose their views on others, but because they feel they are in fact sent by God to do so…. Evangelists are people with a mission from God and a passion to love and serve their neighbors. They want to change the world.

Good evangelism is the process of being friendly without discrimination and influencing all of one’s friends toward better living, through good deeds and good conversations.


One comment

  1. are you trying to confuse me? sheesh….. yeah, not sure what the next right thing is. just trying to row the boat and let God do the steering…..thanks for the food for though.peace be with you

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