|Random Films

Over the past few weeks, I’ve watched three noteworthy films when I should have been sleeping:

1. Freedom Writers. It lives up to the standard set by others in the education genre (I know that’s not a real genre, but it works for me), such as Stand and Deliver, Lean on Me, Mr. Holland’s Opus, October Sky and Dead Poets Society. No, I haven’t seen Dangerous Minds.

2. Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives. Okay, so it’s a Nova feature, not a film. I still loved the interplay of topics–family dynamics, music, science, personality and quest (not an exhaustive list).

3. Czech Dream. This “documentary super-comedy” is grand fun. Two film students document the marketing of and customer response to the opening of a new hypermarket in the Czech Republic. Sort of (Wikipedia article). The end could have been stronger, but overall it was a fun adventure.

Fans of Naomi Klein, Aiden Enns and Kalle Lasn will find familiar themes.


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