|Noncombatancy, Nonviolence & Conscientious Objectors

Today I left a long comment on this interview with Joel Klimkewicz about Adventists and military duty that was posted at Spectrum. While in the Marines, Joel became an Adventist and decided that he could no longer be a part of the war machine. Check it out yo.

My response included this list of educational writings, sites and organizations:

Peace Messenger (website)
The Peacemaking Remnant (b00k)
Seventh-day Adventists in Time of War (book)
I Pledge Allegiance (book)
Adventist Church’s Noncombatant Position (article)
Clear Thinking about Military Service (article)
Should I Fight? (conference)
Centurion’s Purse (organization)
Peace Church (organization)
Christian Peacemaker Teams (organization)
25 Lessons of Nonviolence (book review)
Courageous Coward (story)
Veterans for Peace (organization)
Faith and Justice Churches (organization)
Long Shadows: Veteran’s Paths to Peace (book)
Veterans of War, Veterans of Peace (book)


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