My sweet wife showed this to me. And now I share the love.

“Duty Calls”

[from xkcd.com]

This and Despair’s “Blogging” mean a lot to me on a deep and mystical level.


  1. that was good.the cyberspace is soooo interesting. on a psychological level. I would love to be around a table at a Facebook brainstorming session. Thanks for the support. Maybe it’s ok for some people but I don’t need any help with procrastination and plus I have all the contact info to the people that I REALLY want to keep in touch with. laters.

  2. Some of my friends don’t all me back tho……..i had to delete the previous post. I tried to “draw” a sad face but when it posted the lines got all messed up.

  3. #84 is great. Thanks for sharing.I know, I know. I’m going to call. Really. I’m in the computer lab right now cleaning up a hard drive that was stolen and was returned with 350+ bits o’ malware and viruses.

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