|The Lady Friend + The Gifts

Thanks, Bob & Debbie, for the Geez magazine subscription. The first issue arrived yesterday.

Thanks, Parentage, for the generous monetary support and the picture of years gone by.

I’m a bit jealous that my lady friend is going to visit South Africa on a two-week study tour at the end of the summer.

And here is said lady riding on campus:

And going home:

BONUS: Tips from frugal millionaires on saving money (not making it).



  1. Are you on a bike too? I like Charissa’s bike. I think our bikes, like us, would be great friends and take many happy rides together.

  2. We were just at your old place last night, Wishydig. A friend of ours is looking at the basement apartments. Then she could get to know the field better too.Helmets-shmelmets. Brains-shmains. Death-shmeth. Okay, okay. I hear you. Tis truth you speak of.Yep, Angela. I bought a bike Travis built. Sweetness. Let’s all go for a pedal!Grace and peace, Jeff

  3. I wish I could come with her, Helen. That would be wild to get together. In a low-key way. We're pretty calm even when we're wild.

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