|Fathers’ Day

March 19 is Father’s Day in Italy, but my dad is a US citizen, so today is his day. Since I can’t be with him, I thought I’d write a tribute to him and my grandfather. It goes something like this…

My grandfather had a dream of visiting Israel to walk where Jesus walked. As an Adventist pastor, he didn’t have significant income, so the family lived frugally while saving up money to go. But then it became clear that his boy, my father, needed a better piano on which to develop his budding skills. I believe the old family piano was damaged in a flood, but this may be erroneous.

Grandpa decided to use his savings to buy dad a grand piano. Dad used that gift well and went on to study music all the way to the completion of his Ph.D. Dad has had dreams of his own, for example studying music history in Europe. But instead he has supported others, like when he bought me a car when I returned from Korea prematurely due to health problems.

I have benefited because of my father and grandfather’s generosity. Their sacrifice has provided a life that has allowed me to work and study in Asia, Central America and now Europe. Today, on this Fathers’ Day that finds me in the seat of the Italian renaissance, Florence, I am reminded of the debt I owe my family in providing this type of life.

Thanks Dad and Grandpa. I love you.

Grazie mille!

Pace e amore,


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