|Dinner and a Pedal

After beating the peloton home by at least 4 minutes and pulling on the King of the Commute jersey, I hit the pavement again and headed for AV. I picked up a stir-fry and bottle of GT’s Raw Organic Kombucha (Multi-Green) and pedaled home.

Our wok has had a hard life, so I used an iron skillet to make the stir-fry. I added tofu and seasoned it with a mix of soy-sauce, garlic and ginger.



  1. Looks good! My mission in life at the moment is to figure out a decent recipe for the tofu in my fridge. Everything that people ahve suggested has come out… inedible…

  2. good ride man. yesterdays stage was awesome. i'm glad you made that power move to bridge the gap to the leaders group. nicely done. i was worried for a minute, but your acceleration just annihilated the competition. glad to see you got the stage win. keep it up.

  3. Helen, I hope you like it. I usually fry it until it's pretty dry. I don't like slimy tofu.And good news: Team Radio Shack heard about my King of the Commute title. They've asked me to be a domestique for Sir Lancelot next year. I'll try to get his autograph for you.

  4. Hola, Angela. Travis and I have projected me and my amazing athletic prowess into the Tour de France (3 weeks and 2,200 miles). Here's a breakdown:Lance Armstrong did what Travis wrote on July 22. My response on July 23 was mas o menos what Lance said to reporters after the day's stage.Lance is leaving Team Astana to start a team sponsored by Radio Shack next year. Contador, this year's winner, and Armstrong both rode for Astana, but they had conflicts, so they are splitting up.And besides the yellow jersey (tour leader/winner), there are also other jerseys–white (best young rider), green (best sprinter), and polka dot (king of the mountains). So I made up my own, King of the Commute, for my 6-minute ride to and from the office.Each team has 1 or 2 strong leaders who want to win the race. The other 7 or 8 team members help them win; they're called domestiques. So I won't win the Tour; I'll just help Lance win it.And now you're ready for next year's tour where Armstrong (almost 39 years old at that point; 3rd place this year) will face off against Contador (27 next year; this year's Tour winner) plus a handful of amazing riders hoping to steal the show.Also, Lance rode unpaid this year. He rode to raise awareness for his cancer fighting organization and to show that his past wins were not because of performance enhancing drugs. And probably some other motivations as well.http://www.versus.com/tdf/http://www.letour.fr/indexus.html

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