|Afford To Let Alone

Yes, Travis, yet another one for you:

Why I Don’t Tweet…
…not that there’s anything wrong with it.

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things he can afford to let alone.” –Henry David Thoreau

But if someone here is on Twitter, check out @realrobbell (and… @AdvntConspiracy, @BeatitudesSoc, @adbusters, @osocio, @sub_urban_org, @ChristineSine, @JesusManifesto, @PPEHRCinfo, @Brandt_Russo, @FakeShane, @markvans, @theSimpleWay, @CONSPIREmag, @sojourners, @jimwallis, @ConvoyofHope, @Sarcasticluther, @getrealinvolved, @blessedearth…).

BONUS 1: This is both humorous and scary: Because the Bible Has a Liberal Bias (Daniel Schultz, Religion Dispatches, 7 Oct 09)

BONUS 2: A bit of self-promotion: Web Roundup (October 8, 2009)


One comment

  1. Nice! Thanks man. I'll call you later and tell you all about Rob. I'll also thank Charissa for saving me from your harassment. Best parts of that article: I’m tired of obeying marketers. No offense to those in the marketing profession, but I’d like to know when we collectively decided to make marketers the high priests of our culture? We listen to them like prophets and obey their instructions like slaves. Every marketer seems to be singing the praises of Twitter and social media. I’m sure they have a legitimate point, but if I did everything a marketer told me…well, it would be a sad existence.AND:We all want our lives to matter, and we believe they only matter if they are noticed by someone. I wonder if this desire for a witness isn’t what fuels a lot of blogs, Facebook, and especially Twitter. We want someone, anyone, to take notice…to care about us…to watch us and by their attention communicate, “You matter. Your life counts.”

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