|Perceptions of God

I’m starting a research proposal to study people’s attitude toward torture (just a proposal for a class assignment; won’t actually be conducted). This is based on research done by the Pew crew, which I first found on the Peace Messenger blog (see also). They found that church attendance was positively correlated with approval for torture (ok, this is a significant oversimplification). I want to see if this correlation is also present within Adventism.

Independent Variables: Yrs in SDA educ, Yrs in SDA church, Frequency of church attendance, gender, age, education, income, region, political affiliation, religiosity, & view of God.

This is the article that awakened my interest in perceptions of God (see also this, this and the original study).

Unrelated: these 4 slides on denominational-regional demographics fascinated me.


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