|On the Shiawassee River

Both of our jobs contribute to secondary trauma, so I am glad that we both enjoy getting outside to refresh our minds and bodies. This weekend we went biking, walking and paddling. Here are a few shots from this morning on the Shiawassee River.

We thought this bridge looked pleasant, but as we entered the culvert on the right, we realized it was full of large spiders with very large webs. After a discussion that lasted .5 seconds, we decided to get out of there, and I started back-paddling like mad. Then we pulled over to the right to portage, and were greeted by this:

We avoided the snake (later we learned that it was a northern water snake) and continued on the other side of the road, where peace and tranquility returned.

Then when we got back to the portage, the snake was on the move.


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