|Dirtbags for a Cause

As a fan of the Dirtbag Diaries, I was interested in a recent article and short video on the general topic:

This kind of dedication impresses me. It reminds me of the documentary, 23 Feet or of Chouinard and company eating cat food (Let My People Go Surfing, p. 18). Total commitment to the mission.

Other people come to mind too, like Gandhi and Jesus.

I do a bit of volunteering for a Christian nonprofit that fights human trafficking in Nepal, and one of our guiding values is to “do much with little” (Tiny Hand Intl). This has become an important principle for me. How little can I have, and how much can I do with it? I’m a long way from exhausting that search, I certainly realize. People like Shane Claiborne and Brandt Russo show me how much more can be done with so much less.

If people can live out of their car so they can have time, money and energy to climb a rock, how much more motivated should us Christians be to live simply so we can devote our lives to the values of God’s kingdom–compassion, community, peace, justice and love? How can I simplify my life more so I can focus on what really matters? Am I, as Martin Luther King Jr said, an  extremist for love?


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