|Mile, Mile and a Half

After 4 or 5 months, I finally finished watching Mile, Mile and a Half, a documentary about the John Muir Trail (wiki; named after John Muir, believe it or not). The delay wasn’t due to a lack of interest but because of a lack of time. It’s been a wild stretch, and things don’t look to be slowing down, so we’re putting our Netflix account on pause today.

The film follows a small group of friends as they backpack the 210-mile trail, snapping pictures, capturing sounds, and recording video along the way. It’s a beautiful journey made all the more interesting by the people they meet over the course of the month on the trail.

Gear Junkie calls the film one o the 10 best outdoor documentaries on Netflix.

The film reminded me of past adventures–on the trail, on the rock, and on the river. It made me think of the great people I’ve had the pleasure of adventuring with. And I can’t wait for when our family’s most recent member can join us for adventure. Until then I’ll keep pushing the stroller.


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