|Ray-Way Quilt — Model C

I purchased a two-person Ray-Way quilt set a couple years ago. You can read about how my mother-in-law sewed the original quilt and a one-person quilt, all from the original materials.

We still had a bag of scraps leftover, so I got the idea that we could make a baby quilt. First we had to sew the strips of insulation together and then the silver and purple fragments of nylon for the cover.



Then my mother-in-law sewed the cover together. This used virtually every little piece of nylon we had on-hand.


Notice all the seams in both the silver and purple sections.

Then we attached the cover to the single layer of insulation. We didn’t have enough nylon for the under-side, so we got some fleece from the nearest craft store. This was the first material we’ve had to add to the original quilt pack.


We haven’t done the actual quilt-tying yet, but this is what it looks like:


Because of our mother-in-law’s ingenuity, we were able to get three quilts out of a single product purchase from Ray-Way.


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