Worn Wear Tour (Patagonia)

We’ve gone to two Patagonia Worn Wear events in Chicago this summer.


Instagram: PatagoniaChicago

First, we went to the repair and used sale extravaganza at the Lincoln Park store. Great time. Great experience. We each got a killer deal on a winter jacket, and they repaired two items for us, including my dad’s late-70s or early-80s non-Patagonia daypack. Awesome.

A few months later, we went back to Chi-town for the Worn Wear Tour’s last stop — Uncle Dan’s. It was during the local Octoberfest, so parking was scarce, but a little walk never hurt. Well, my arms were a bit sore from hauling our little one around without a stroller.

2-img_2906Again, we had two things worked on. And again, one of the items wasn’t made by Patagonia. When my grandpa died, I got a bunch of his clothes. I blew out the elbows in a flannel, and I asked them if they could resurrect the family heirloom wool shirt. And yes, yes they could. They did. They not only sewed flannel on the outside of the holes, they also sewed nylon on the inside. Such attention to quality. Patagonia is awesome. Like Soylent Green, Patagonia is people, and the people there rock. (Yes, I’ve looked for work at Patagonia, but my wife says we’re not moving to Ventura, CA, or Reno, NV. Someday. Someway.)

Grandpa used to fix stuff instead of buying new, like adding layers of shoe-goo tread to his shoes, and he’d wear stuff out, like his thread-bare pajamas. I think Grandpa would smile if he knew I had patched up his flannel and planned to wear it for years to come.

Photos from the Worn Wear Tour:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Slideshow: (1) Worn Wear truck. (2) Sylvia who fixed the flannel. (3) Outside and inside views of the elbows. (4) The new threads! Thanks for the photo, Donnie Hedden (Instagram)! (5) The four items Patagonia fixed for us this summer.

Here’s a short film about the launch of the first Worn Wear Tour. Fun to see the truck come together.

And this is a longer documentary about the Worn Wear way of life:

Keep up on Worn Wear life here:

Let’s get something ready for the next Worn Wear tour. Let’s go wear something out.



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